Developers FAQs

Developers using the Wikidot XML-RPC API could integrate with ProxyKey in various ways. Developers can opt to:

  • only allow requests to be made through the ProxyKey server
  • allow users to switch between the main Wikidot XML-RPC API server or the ProxyKey server
  • allow users to set a HTTP / SOCKS proxy to route all XML-RPC requests Coming soon.

Changing the Server Address

The path of the ProxyKey "API" is identical to that of the Wikidot XML-RPC-API. It is located at To switch to the ProxyKey server, simply replace the host portion of request URI in your code to

NOTE: ProxyKey servers accept HTTP requests as well as SSL/TLS requests through the HTTPS protocol. Requests made through the HTTP protocol may be susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks.

Accepting both Wikidot or ProxyKey requests

ProxyKey servers do not accept regular XML-RPC API keys for security reasons. If you wish to allow users to choose between the two types of keys, you must provide a way for users to alternate between the two servers.


ProxyKey is hosted on the Heroku Cloud Application Platform. The security offered by Heroku is enterprise-grade with SSL/TLS encryption in the HTTPS protocol. All user account information encrypted and stored on Heroku's Postgres database. Logs are unencrypted.


This service is currently unavailable.

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